AeroWeave 246 (12)

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Long time awaited, the AeroWeave™ Series is Firenock's unique take on the arrow.  Designed like all Firenock products, every aspect of our aero's design has been optimized -- spine, weight, and strength.  To comprehend how we exactly "optimized" today's carbon arrow, it is essential to start at the beginning...

AeroWeave sells in a package of 12 and is weight sorted to be +/- 1 grain as labeled per package.   It comes with no components so you will need insert, points, nocks, and vane to make a complete arrow.   AeroWeave 246 as the name implies is a 0.246" ID shaft, so any S size Firenock components will work beautifully with it.  Fireinock "S" style nock, Firenock AIA24A, B, C, & S patented chamfering insert and AIH24A, B, C, & S with CTI240 will get you a full AeroConcept for your arrow front which comprises of 4 US patents.

AeroWeave arrows design is protected with 2 US Patents, 10,145,643 and 10.232.581, with other patent pending.