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Long time awaited, the AeroWeave™ 204 Series is Firenock's unique take on a slim size arrow.  Every aspect of our arrow shafts' design has been optimized -- spine, weight, and strength.  It is the first-ever arrow that its three weave layers use the 1.5K weave cloth on the "L" version, while the standard uses the 4K weave like the rest of the Aeroweave shaft. It is essential to start at the beginning.  Thus this is not just light and strong, but it begins with a linear spine.  In the case of the "L" version, it is even lighter and stronger!  From the label, it is identical, but the fiber is where you can tell if it is the light version or the original version.

AeroWeave 204 sells in a package of 12 and is weight sorted to be +/-1 grain as labeled per package.  It comes with no components, so you will need inserts, points, nocks, and a vane to make a complete arrow.  AeroWeave 204, as the name implies, is a 0.204" ID shaft.  All Firenock 0.204", so any A size Firenock components will work beautifully with it. Fireinock "A" style nock, Firenock AIA20 A, S, T patented chamfering insert, AIH20A, S & T; AIH2LA, S & T with CTI200 and CTI20L respectively, will get you a full AeroConcept for your arrow front, which comprises of 4 US patents Firenock owns.

AeroWeave arrows shaft design is protected with 2 US Patents, 10,145,643 and 10,232,581, with other patents pending.

Name Spine ID OD(I) OD(M) Fiber Layers Color Weight Toleraance Length AVE GPI MSRP (Dz)
AW2030L 300 0.204" 0.270" 6.85mm 1.5K 4 Black +/- 1 grain 32" 9.8   $219.95  
AW2035L 350 0.204" 0.265" 6.72mm 1.5K 4 Black +/- 1 grain 32" 8.8   $219.95  
AW2040L 400 0.204" 0.261" 6.63mm 1.5K 4 Black +/- 1 grain 32" 8.0   $219.95  
AW2035 300 0.204" 0.283" 7.20mm 4K 4 Black +/- 1 grain 32" 12.2   $159.95  
AW2035 350 0.204" 0.280" 7.12mm 4K 4 Black +/- 1 grain 32" 11.1   $159.95  
AW2040 400 0.204" 0.272" 6.90mm 4K 4 Black +/- 1 grain 32" 10.1   $159.95