AeroCrank Quick Release Handle Mount

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About a year after release, the AeroCrank has been beloved by many. However, there was a slight concern: the handle. While the handle operated smoothly and efficiently, after cranking, there was nowhere to store it. If you’re in a tree or stalking through the woods, it is crucial to have any loose items secure. Therefore, the AeroCrank Quick Release Handle Mount was developed. It can be installed anywhere on a crossbow stock to store the standard AeroCrank handle. Made of durable POM nylon and accompanied by GR5 Titanium fasteners, the entire mount weighs 0.5 oz /14 grams. Finally, a Quick Release system involving a compression coil spring instead of an unreliable torsion spring allows for immediate and assured installation/removal.



Set up requires some DIYing. It is necessary to drill two 3/16” holes one inch apart in order to mount this unit, i. Further, please note that some legacy AeroCrank handles have a domed screw. This screw must be filed down until flush to be compatible with this product.


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    Excellent product

    Posted by Eric Hastings on Aug 27th 2022

    Works as described. Installs as described