AeroCrank Handle Nut Extension Set

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Both the standard and extendable handles come with two engagement nuts beside their respecitve fine adjustment cababilities.  However, for those who still need extra clearance, the AeroCrank Handle Nut Extension Set is a great accessory.  Below is a summary of all AeroCrank adjustment options.

  1. The standard handle has five nut position holes, which offer simple, customizable crank leverage.
  2. The extendable handle allows for instant handle lengths change from 11cm/4.3” to 15.5cm/5.9” with just a push or pull action.
  3. The standard stainless drive nut is 15mm/0.6" in length with a 1/4” square drive. It comes standard on the standard handle.
  4. The long stainless drive nut is the 30mm/1.18” in length with a 1/4” square drive. It is for the bows which need some clearance due to larger optics or sighting systems. It comes standard on the extenable handle.
  5. The optional nut extension is made of 7075-T5 Aluminum and will extend the standard nut from 14 to 29mm/1.14” or the long drive nut from 30 to 45mm/1.78”. It was developed for those who use bigger optics and/or the HHA optimizer on a PSE TAC15. Included also is a 25mm M4-0.7x25 low profile socket-head screw.