U+ Style Firenock Replacement Nock (3)

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Firenock U+ style lighted nock is designed to work with Ravin 500fps crossbows that have to work with clip-on style nocks.  Firenock U+ style is to fit a crossbow arrow with an Internal Diameter of 0.300" and string serving of 0.133" OD. It is known that some Ravin 500 fps crossbows have string serving OD size that is as smaller than 0.133", which U+ style nock will not fit well. While some older ravin string serving is at 0.127", which a "C+" nock is what you should be using instead. Please discuss the ramifications with your bow shop or custom string maker. It is advised to use Aerobolt III as the projectile shaft due to the extreme pressure that is asserted by a 500 fps crossbow.

  • To fit crossbow shafts with a 0.300" ID
  • To fit string serving with 0.133" OD
  • Available in 1 color (anodized orange)
  • The U+ nock alone weight in at ~27 gn
  • This package contains 3 metal nocks
  • Should be used with AeroBolt III to prevent shaft splitting due to expreme pressure.