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Ti Basic Kit with Socket Head Limb Bolts

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Every Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit provides the lightest, strongest, and most durable fasteners to fit most bows on the market.  All fasteners are made of premium grade titanium with the highest desired accuracy and weigh about half of those from the original bow manufacturers.  After installing an upgrade kit, you will notice a significant difference in weight as well as performance, especially while holding the bow with your arm extended.

Learn more about what is included in your kit using the Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit selector here.

Optional add-ons
  • Most kits offer hollow titanium limb bolts for an even lighter solution.  Note, however, that if your bow does not use a barrel nut alignment system, a hollow limb bolt can and will fail due to any misalignment.
  • Copper anti-seize is recommended for all fasteners that are regularly adjusted such as limb bolts for poundage and arrow rest/sight screws for accessory installation/removal.  Note that for fasteners that are not regularly adjusted, such as cam mod screws, we recommend using Loctite Blue.
  • All titanium kits offer the same industry standard options for arrow rest and sight screws.
  • All titanium kits for split limb bows come with an option for a recommended broadband set with its own titanium upgrades.  Also sold separately.

Disclaimer : Firenock is not responsible for incorrect and/or not up-to-date fasteners as we may not have access to the latest specifications from each bow manufacturer.  We shall not be responsible for any warranty claims, injury claims, product claims, etc.  The purchase and installation of a Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit is at your own risk.  However, our standard thirty day exchange or refund policy still applies.