Ti Upgrade for Sight Screws (2)

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Firenock Titanium Upgrades are the lightest, strongest, and most durable fasteners to fit on most bows available on the market.  All sight screw upgrades are made of the highest grade titanium with the highest desired accuracy.  They are also only about half of the weight of most original bow manufacturer sight screws.

Options for Sight Screws:
  Socket Head 10-24 Torx Drive Screw (measure by the shank only)
    • 1/2"
    • 5/8"
    • 3/4"
  Flat Head 10-24 Torx Drive  Screw (measure from flat top to the end of shank)
    • 1/2"
    • 5/8"
    • 3/4"

Firenock is not responsible for incorrect fastener lengths and/or not up-to-date specifications as we may not have access to the latest from each bow manufacturer.  We shall not be responsible for any warranty claims, injury claims, product claims, etc.  The purchase and installation of any Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit for Bow is at your own responsibility and risk.  However, our standard 30 days exchange or refund does apply to this product