Hollow Titanium Axle Kit for Ravin

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Firenock, as of 2019, now offers the Hollow Titanium Axle Kit for Ravin crossbows.  There is an 80% reduction in weight.  Next, like all products made of titanium, these axles will last forever—they’re rust-proof and like aforementioned in the Titanium Kits section, ultra rigid.  Consider this: your bow cam is the focal point of the kinetic energy being exerted on your crossbow and at 400+ fps, there’s a lot of that energy to go around.  With a hollow titanium axle as the backbone for each of your cams, the output of all that energy will be more focused.  In some cases up to 20fps faster has been observed when just changing the axle alone on a Ravin R20.  Note that you can save up to $15 for this kit when purchased as an addition to a Ravin Titanium Upgrade Kit.

  • 2 x Custom hollow titanium axles
  • 2 x Titanium Axle cap screws