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All of the AeroRest for Ravin require a cock vane down configuration; due to the narrow front of Ravin crossbows, a rectangular frame was used of a U-shaped frame.  This provided a more secure and safer arrow holding.  Nonetheless, the mounting holes are identical to the OEM rest, and additional features are included in every model.  Currently, we are sold out of the ARRAV0, ARRAV1.1, and ARRAV2 until mid-October 2023, as all three used the same frame.  The only available version is the Standard ARRAV1. The Micro Adjust version is also available.

  • ARRAV1 includes a built-in simple water leveler.
  • ARRAV0, ARRAV1.1, and ARRAV2 all three use the same frame, which has two M3 thread holes.
  • ARRAV0 has no water level moudle
  • ARRAV1.1 comes with a removable standard height water level module
  • ARRAV2 comes with a raised water level module and a close-range aiming hole below the water level for close-range aiming assistant
  • R10, R26, and R5 are the only Ravin crossbows that can use crowbars of 20".  Most other models would need longer to function. For details, see the table below.
  • The standard and elevated removable water level module is available for $20.00 and $40.00, respectively, with two M3 socket screws as an option for those who decide to add a water level to ARRAV0 or change from ARRAV1.1 to ARRAV2.

Weight of each Ravin AeroRest model:

  • ARRAV0: 1.7 oz / 48 g (with fasteners)
  • ARRAV1: 1.8 oz / 51 g (with fasteners)
  • ARRAV1.1: 1.85 oz / 52 g (with fasteners)
  • ARRAV2: 1.9 oz / 53 g (with fasteners)<



  • 5
    Arrow rest

    Posted by Dave on Nov 20th 2023

    I went from shooting in the size of a pie plate to a size of a quarter! A definite confidence booster

  • 5
    Better than OEM

    Posted by Tristan Stanley on Nov 11th 2023

    My R10 original rest was making my bolts fly all catty wampus. The little wheel had the center broken out of it. It's like 70 bucks for a new Ravin brand rest. After dealing with Dorge previously on Firenocks this was a no brainer. I called and spoke to Dorge (the owner literally answers every phone call) about fit and part numbers. Ordered on a Monday night at 5pm. Had it in hand Wednesday afternoon. Bolted on no issues. I was having some issues sighting in. Called Dorge again and he walked me through what I was doing wrong. Within 5 minutes I was sighted in and headed back to the stand. I can't stress enough how great the customer service is here. Also every item I've ever bought from Firenock has the best attention to detail of anything in the archery industry. Hands down the best company to purchase any accessories or upgrades you need.

  • 5
    Awesome rest

    Posted by Jeff on Nov 12th 2022

    Didn’t have my Ravin R26 very long until I discovered a chipped roller on the arrow rest. I began looking for an aftermarket product as i assumed if this happens once so soon it could possibly happen again. I discovered the aerorest and purchased it. I installed it per instructions. Shot the crossbow readjusted the scope as it shot a little high and to the right from the stock rollers. Was hitting a quarter sized dot ar 57 yards. I love this rest it is well worth the extra money over the stock rest. I used my same 20 inch ravin bolt no problems at all. This is a great upgrade from the standard Ravin rest and it well worth the extra money. I would encourage anyone to buy this product as It is far superior to the stock one. Thanks Firenock for a great high quality product!

  • 5
    Ravin aerorest

    Posted by Danny Huffines on Oct 24th 2022

    This is a great product that has helped me improve my shooting abilitys

  • 5
    Arrow rest

    Posted by Steven Cox on Oct 10th 2021

    These rests are the best!