AeroRest for Ravin

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While all four of the AeroRest for Ravin also require a cock vane down configuration, due to the narrow front of Ravin crossbows, a rectangular instead of round frame was designed. Nonetheless, the mounting holes are identical to the OEM rest and additional features are included on every model. ARRAVI includes a simple water leveler while ARRAV2 also includes a close range aiming assistant. ARRAMI, like the original Micro-adjust, includes two axes (x and y) in one fastener as well as an additional axis of adjustment, the z-axis, for null point or node accommodations.

  • ARRAV0: 1.6 oz / 46 g (with fasteners)
  • ARRAV1: 1.8 oz / 51 g (with fasteners)
  • ARRAV2: 1.9 oz / 53 g (with fasteners)