Pulley & Cable Kit for Ravin

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Last year, after Firenock ventured into custom upgrades for the Ravin Crossbow Series, one of the main requests from users was a solution to the Ravin cable stretch issues. Our licensing and production of this double U.S. patented Pulley & Cable Set Kit is our response.

Two for Four

This kit utilizes two US patents owned by Scorpyd Crossbows and licensed by Firenock (US Patent: 9,243,861 and 9,234,719). Designed to bolt on with zero modifications to your bow, the full kit replaces all four of the Ravin factory cables and involves two custom 420 Stainless 53 HRC hardened parts, four titanium screws, and two cables.

There are many fantastic benefits to this dual US patented design. Most significantly, the upper and lower cables are self-timed. This means that cam lean is virtually eliminated as cable length differences are the main culprit of cable stretch. Additionally, the stress from working to sync up and keep all four cables from twisting is significantly reduced. Note finally that as cable length increases, shock absorption does also, leading to an ultimately quieter bow. The photo to the left shows what this kit looks like on a Ravin R10.


  • 2 x 420 Stainless Steel Custom Pulley
  • 4 x Titanium 10-24 screws
  • 2 x Cables


This kit does not include any Ravin authorized parts. Therefore, note that you may lose your factory warranty if you choose to install this set within the first five years of original purchase. However, like all Firenock products, you have our 30 days no-fault warranty, exchange, and refund at purchase from our webstore.


  • 5
    Pulley and cable sei

    Posted by Joseph Dziedzic on Sep 18th 2023

    So much better than the original Ravin Design easer to make adjustment - cams stay timed and even .bow shoots grate

  • 5
    Ravin pulley and cable kit.

    Posted by Danny Huffines on Oct 24th 2022

    Very good change for my ravin. Affordable and useable

  • 5
    Pulley and cable kit

    Posted by Ronald on Apr 15th 2022

    Superior fit and finish. Still waiting for cables.