G Style Extreme Matched Weight Practice System (3)

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The G style Extreme Matched Weight Practice Nock Pack is the companion accessory for Firenock G style lighted nock 3-pack.

The Extreme Shock Matched Weight is the same weight as the circuit and battery to allow one to practice shooting without retuning the bow. Furthermore, the Extreme Shock Matched Weight is the same length as the circuit with battery installed, thus it will be protected by the extreme shock end cap.  Extreme Shock Matched Weight is made of stainless steel, or machine aluminum for toughness and durability and precision machine pressed for accurate weight and weight distribution.  The practice nocks are in green for ease of identification.


  • Firenock self concentric nock
  • Nock in green for easy identification
  • CNC machined Aluminium made for toughness and durability
  • Precision machine pressed for accurate weight
  • Compatible with arrows installed with extreme shock end cap


  • 3 green G style nocks
  • 3 extreme shock matched weights
  • 3 extreme shock end caps with tool


  • Extreme Shock Matched Weight must be used with arrow shaft installed with extreme shock end cap, otherwise the matched weight will damage the nock and fly forward to damage the shaft and may cause injury.
  • If your arrow shaft has installed extreme shock end cap, there is no need to reinstall the extreme shock end cap.
  • Gel type super glue (e.g. Firenock AGOGEL, sold separately) is needed to successfully install extreme shock end cap.
  • Clean arrow shaft with acetone before installation of end cap.
  • Put glue into the cleaned arrow shaft (do not put glue on end cap tool).
  • Push end cap with tool straight (do not rotate) into the arrow shaft during installation of end cap.