CTI30 AeroConcept Carbon Inner Tube (12)

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Firenock AeroConcept Carbon Inner Tubes are made of high modulus carbon tube with 6 inches length. These tubes are specially made to integrate with Firenock AeroInsert D/H (double shoulder type) inserts to form AeroConcept System. AeroConcept System can strengthen and stiffen the arrow (i.e. increase spine) especially the arrow front end without adding much weight to the entire arrow shaft. Moreover, precise weight adjustment of the entire arrow can be achieved by just adjusting the length of the carbon inner tube (i.e. a longer tube = greater weight and faster arrow straightness recovery or vice versa). It comes in 2 verisons, Heavy and light weight, 8.5 and 7.1gpi repectively.


  • 12 pcs CTI of your choice
    • CTI300 Carbon Inner Tubes at ~8.5GPI or ~51gn for a 6" tube
    • CTI30L Carbon Inner Tubes at ~7.1GPI or ~43gn for a 6" tube


  • Clean arrow shaft with acetone before installation
  • Use slow set epoxy for installation (e.g. Firenock Epoxy AGUSSE)