AeroStab Single Side Kit

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This is the AeroStab Stabilizer set for a simple single-side mount with quick release, front straight mount with quick release.  You will have to add the bars, the studs at the front of the bars, and the weights to complete a usable kit.  Its weight is just barely over 2 oz.

Kit includes:

  • 1 - AST515 (AeroStab 5/16"-24 Hollow Stud T25 in GR5 Titanium ( 1.5")
  • 1 - ASTFMQ (AeroStab Front Mount with Quick Release Receiver with O-ring and Ti-spacer)
  • 1 - ASTBSM (Aerostab Bow Side mount with O-ring)
  • 1 - ASTBSS (AeroStab Bow Side Mount Single Side Bushing)
  • 1 - ASTELB (AeroStab Elbow Link with O-ring)
  • 1 - ASTELQ (AeroStab Elbow Link with O-ring and Quick Release Receiver)
  • 2 - ASTHBS (AeroStab 5/16"-24" x 3/8" Hollow 1/2" Button Screw T40 in GR5 Titanium with GR2 Spacer)
  • 2 - ASTQRP (AeroStab Quick Release Pin)