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The AeroStab Weights are machined stainless steel parts and have undergone vacuum annealing process to achieve a much higher HRC rating and to make them extra durable.  All AeroStab Weights have our patent-pending O-ring on one side to ensure tight fit and to minimize loosing caused by vibration or shock.  All AeroStab Weights have a standard 5/16"-24 thread in the middle.  To make it less prone to damage surrounding objects, we have added O-rings to the outside parameter of the weights. 

AeroStab Weights come in 4 weight sizes: 1, 2, 4, and 8 oz and have an outside diameter (OD) of 34mm/1.375", and 37mm/1.45" with the O-ring installed, while their thickness are 5.25mm/0.19", 9.55mm/0.36", 18mm/0.71", and 36.6 mm/1.425" respectively.  AeroStab Weights are finished to have the same hue and color as the other greenish grey components of AeroStab making them both good for hunting as well as for target shooting.