AeroBump String Stop for 2020-2022 Mathews

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The AeroBump is a revolutionary accessory (US Patent 10,215,521) that takes advantage of the advanced features of materials like GR2 Titanium and the patented physical properties of a Z-bend (two 90 plus degree bends) to technically minimize string stop vibration up to 99.5%. While carbon is known to transmit up to 99.95% of vibrational energy, pure titanium transmits only about 10%.

Pre-assembled for 2020-2022 Mathews hunting bows with 5.5" length from string to riser hole.  The picture shows the 5.5"-7" AeroBump bar in raw form and Mathews carbon string stop for reference.  Please note that the AeroBump will hit the string 1.25" higher than the factory stopper, making it much more efficient as it is 1.25" closer to the center of the bow by design. 

  • GR2 Titanium Z-bend sting stop bar with LimbSaver rubber string stop and glue on 5/16"-3/8" Aluminum Adaptor in 5.5" and 6" from riser.