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The AeroBump is a revolutionary accessory that takes advantage of the advanced features of materials like GR2 Titanium and the patented physical properties of a Z-bend to technically minimize string stop vibration up to 99.5%. While carbon is known to transmit up to 99.95% of vibrational energy, pure titanium transmits only about 10%.


  • GR2 Titanium Z-bend string stop bar
  • LimbSaver rubber string stop


AeroBump stems come in four different lengths, each of which has 1.5" / 38mm of 5/16"-24 thread at the riser connection end. Different forms of string stop anchors may need to add various accessories, which is why different lengths and configurations will end up at different prices. The four length that current available are 4" / 10cm, 5.5" / 14cm, 7" / 17.8cm and 8.5" / 21.6cm.


We made it easy for you to find the correct AeroBump configuration for your bow:

  1. Measure the "visible length" or perpendicular distance from the riser to the string stop (see image below).
  2. Select a matching "String Stop Length (Visible)" from the dropdown within 1/4".
  3. Using a standard arrow rest screw (5/16"-24 screw), investigate what type of string stop connection you have on your riser.  Your "String Stop Hole Type" could be one of three options:
    • If it is a 5/16" Straight Hole, secure AeroBump with set screw(s)
    • If it is a 5/16"-24 Threaded Hole, secure AeroBump with added Hex Titanium Nut
    • If it is a 3/8" Straight Hole, fit with added Aluminum Collar and secure AeroBump with set screw(s)

Note that the AeroBump system in this image includes an adaptor. 

For bows without a string stop bar and no backward mounting hole, one can do the followings to add AeroBump to their bow after the above planning:

  • Use the 7/16"-20 to 5/16-24 Titanium adaptor if the riser material is soft for a more solid connection.  A hole of no less than 3/4" / 15mm deep with 24/64" drill bit be used and tapped with a 7/16"-20 tap.
  • If the riser is made of material that one can drill and tap directly, we can make a 5/16"-24 thread hole to accept the bar directly on the riser.  Drill a 0.272" (SAE "I") hole and tap with a 5/16"-24 tap.
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  • 5
    Aerobump can’t be beat.

    Posted by Tom Perdikaris on Jan 19th 2023

    These string stops are worth their weight in gold. They produced such an enhancement and vibration dampener I ended up buying two more for my other bows.

  • 5

    Posted by Bryan on Apr 22nd 2022

    Put this on my Carbon Spyder 34 along with the complete Firenock titanium kit. The bow is great to shoot and completely dead. Love the way the bow shoots now.