AeroBowString Serving Jig: Twin Drag (ABSSJ-TD)

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The AeroBow String Serving Jig Twin Drag model (ABSSJ-TD) features twin carbon drag plates on either side of its jig body to ensure precision during more versatile and adaptable serving jobs. In summary, the ABSSJ-TD

  1. Allows for fast and easy "on-the-fly" adjustment by feel;
  2. Can handle abrasive serving material via an updated string eyelet;
  3. And starts at a friendly price.

The ABBSJ-TD has a very accurate drag knob, mimicking the highest-end fishing reels. This drag knob consists of four high-pressure stainless coil springs, an oil-impregnated brass tightening nut, and a machined knurling knob to house all of the above. According to our recent tension tests, its twin drag system can apply up to 25KgF (50+ LbF) of tension, almost double the original ABSSJ (~28LbF).

Due to the requirement for absolute control, a custom spool comes standard. The spool is made of Type 2, Level 3 hard-anodized 7071-T5 Aluminum for the highest consistency of strength to maintain high drag pressure. Unlike ABSSJ, the spool is all one needs to change the serving size, material, and/or color; the spool shaft itself stays as is! The ABSSJ-TD spool can be easily swapped and adjusted to the desired pressure by feel and at a speed never seen before.

To address today's newer, highly abrasive serving materials, instead of a slot and spring-loaded gate for the string to pass—which can cause excessive wear and fray—ABSSJ-TD equips a replaceable, durable eyelet for pass-through. This eyelet is available in two types of ultra-hard ceramics: SIC (black) or ZrO2 (white). To set up the ABSSJ-TD, we recommend using a standard threading tool, often found in most department stores' sewing sections.