The Arrow Preparation System (APS)

Firenock designed APS to resolve the imperfections and shortcomings of the various current arrow preparation tools on the market. Today, in order to consistently build reliable arrow shafts, there are several preparation procedures that one must complete before continuing to installation and assembly. Usually, these preparations procedures include the use of several difference tools at different times—a squaring tool for both sides of the arrow before and after fletching or a spinner to make sure your shaft is concentric, for example. With the Arrow Preparation System (APS), arrow shafts can be prepared in both a time efficient and space efficient manner. A 6-in-1 tool—[1] nock end squaring tool, [2] insert end squaring tool, [3] fletched nock end squaring tool, [4] broad-head/field point spin checker, [5] outsert concentricity checker, and [6] general spin checker—APS is truly engineered with our customers in mind. We believe that, once you try APS, you will discover how essential a tool it is for precision arrow building.