A Style


  • Fit arrow with 0.202 - 0.204" ID
  • Fit on 0.110 to 0.125" OD string serving with 0.112 as ideal
  • Arrows with solid or non-hollow inserts require different end cap installation process
  • Sample list of Firenock "A" style arrows:
    • Beman ICS: Team REALTREE® MFX™, Classic MFX™, BLACK MAX™, MAX-4™, NightFall
    • Black Eagle: Rampage, Reganate
    • Carbon Xpres: Maxima™ Red SD, CX Edge, CX Edge Hunter, Pile Driver Pass through Extreme
    • Carbon Impact: HOT Shaft XLT
    • Easton: ST Axis™, ST Axis™ real tree, A/C Super Slim, Axis™ Full Metal Jacket, ST Axis™ Full Metal Jacket Camo, ST Axis™ Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game, ST Axis™ Realtree, ST Axis™ Mossy Oak Obsession, ST Axis™, ST Axis™ Junior, Deep Six XD, and can also fit A/C/C 3-28/500
    • Element: Faultline, Fire & Ice, Typhoon
    • Firenock: AeroWeave 204, AeroWeave 204L
    • Gold Tip: Kinetic Hunter, Kinetic Pro, Kinetic XT
    • Trophy Ridge: Blast, Crush, Hailfire, Wrath
    • Victory: RIP, RIP Camo