Ti Kit for PSE TAC Cable Guide Bars

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Ti kit for PSE TAC cable guide bar is designed to eliminate the rubbing of 2 cables on your TAC; which this rubbing can slow down your bow and cause premature string wear.  This kit replaces the original 2 large Aluminum bars and bumpers with 2 GR5 Titanium bars, LimbSaver string stops and 2 Nylon cable rollers.  With installation of this kit, your TAC can shoot smoother, become lighter (~ 60 gram), can accept either 3 or 4 vane configurations (vanes can be as tall as Aerovane II) and can gain up to 5fps according to our test.

Photos shown an example after installation, bow, rest and arrow are not included. Titanium bar vs Original Aluminium one weighed in gram.

We offer them in 2 kits as there 2 different ones

  • Tac 10/15, 15i kit (expose length is 5.25")
  • Tac 15 Elite / ordnance Kit (expose length is 6")


  • 2 Titanium bars with rollers and stops