Stalker AeroPoints for 0.166" ID Arrows (6)

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Target archers who use 0.166" class shafts and prefer not to use outserts have few alternatives past glue-in points.  This is unfortunate because when a field point eventually becomes bent or damaged, the arrow becomes unusable.  While others try to avoid that damage through the use of more durable tungsten points, their price at $200 to upwards of $400 per dozen makes this an impractical alternative.  At Firenock we have taken a entirely different approach, one we call the “stem system” aka the Stalker Series.  Together, the Stalker AeroInserts (SIA) and interchangeable Stalker AeroPoints (STP) mate seamlessly with a 0.166” class shaft.

The 75 and 100 grian Stalker™ points are the matcing practice point for the Stalker™ SwingBlade™ broadhead in aluminum (75gn) and Stainless (115gb), repectively.

Pack includes:

  • 6 Stalker™ AeroPoints