SIC Arrow Blade 3"x0.5"x0.02"

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We understand that the current arrow cutting saw has a lot to be improved. The delay of the AeroCutting Saw due to technical difficulty does not help our current dealers. So we have decided to get an interim solution. We have sourced an ultra-high-speed cutting disk that can be used on nearly every cutting saw out there that uses a 0.5" shaft with a 3" Outside diameter. Unlike traditional carbon fiber-based cutting disks, this one is made of 0.1mm stainless with silicon carbide embedded on both sides. This design approach ends up with a disk that is only 0.0195" thick and can handle up to 18,000 RPM. Can cut arrow tube effortless and efficiently with SPEED that has not seen before.

What are the downsides, one may ask? One cannot cut through a shaft with it as it will cause it to break. The need to make sure it only cut the wall thickness of the arrow shaft, not through it. Therefore we suggest the blade should not extend more than 3mm into the shaft from the guide. The principle is the same as blade placement on a power circular saw.