AeroStab Hollow Titanium Stabilizer Bar

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The AeroStab full Titanium Hollow Stabilizer Bars are, as implied, made of 10mm OD, 6mm ID hollow Titanium tubes. Every bar are machined with 5/16"-24 threads on both ends to mate with all AeroStab connection pieces. The GR5 Titanium male end has an M7x2.0 N70 O-ring sitting on a 1.3mm deep grove, a 0.55"/14mm hollowed threaded stud, and comes with a 0.5mm thick GR5 titanium spacer to allow a maximum of 0.7mm perpendicular compression on the O-ring. At the same time, the female end can receive up to 0.78"/18mm threads. Both ends have a pair of 10mm wide, 10mm thick slots for wrench tightening.


  • The 5"/12.5cm bar is with type 2 (Dark Olive Green)
  • The 6"/15cm bar is with type 2 (Dark Olive Green/Rainbow anodized)
  • The 8"/20cm bar is with type 2 (Dark Olive Green/Rainbow anodized)
  • The 9"/23cm bar is with type 2 (Dark Olive Green/Rainbow anodized)
  • The 10"/25cm bar is with type 2 (Dark Olive Green)
  • The 29"/73.5cm bar is with (Raw / Rainbow anodzied)
Length Total Actual Length Weight
5.5" / 14cm 5" / 12.5cm 1.3oz / 36g
6.85" / 16.5cm 5.875" / 15.0cm 1.45oz / 41g
8.5" / 21.5cm 8" / 20cm 1.84oz / 52g
9.5" / 24.5cm 9" / 23cm 2.05oz / 59g
9.875" / 25cm 9.25" / 23cm 2.08oz / 60g
29.53" / 75cm 28.84" / 73.5cm 5.85oz / 166g


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    Aerostab Hollow Titanium stabilizer Bar

    Posted by Chris on Jul 30th 2021

    Most stabilizers are large diameter, and can be a problem in the wind. This product would not be a problem catching wind. I was able to stabilize my bow with this stabilizer, and the titanium side bar mount without adding much weight to my bow. Its well made, lightweight, doesnt catch wind and actually does seem to knock out and vibration. I recommend this product.

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    Aerostab Hollow Bars

    Posted by Steve Stewart on Nov 13th 2020

    Your catalog said every hollow bar is close-cell foam-filled, mine were not. Bow shoots better. Would the foam make it stiffer?