Since the very first version, the field changeability of our batteries have also been one of the most important and desirable features of the Firenock lighted nock system. Our main goal during the design process was to ensure that you could change your battery in the field without a tool.  That has and we promise that this will stay true.

We offer three custom battery chemistries (BR, BL, BU). Our standard “BR” battery is the most powerful.  Unfortunately however, it also has a relatively short shelf life and is only available for purchase from August to December.  Alternatives to the BR batteries and their limited shelf life are the “BL” and “BU” batteries.  The BL battery has three years of shelf life and the BU seven after the year of manufacture, but there is an exchange of power.  For while BU is our most stable battery, it has about 85% of the power of the BL battery, which has about 60% of the power of the BR battery.

To summarize why we at Firenock believe that we have offered a complete power solution for archers using the Firenock lighted nock system, below is a list of recommended uses for each of the types of batteries available to all our customers:

   •   BR is the ideal winter season battery, handing most open season temperatures in the USA.
   •   BL is the ideal all seasons battery, handling most low to the highest hunting temperatures in the USA.
   •   BU is the ultimate backup battery. Discontinued as of 7/1/2020 due to low sales

   •   BX is our extreme weather battery.  It is only available via special order as it is express delivered in a dry iced container.

Please remember that, although some Firenock batteries have a longer shelf life than one year, if you leave any battery installed for over six months, they will be drained.  We recommend removing your battery after long-term use i.e. after the hunting season.

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