Custom F+ Style Firenock Lighted Nock System (3)

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Firenock F+ style lighted nock is designed to work with Exculapir crossbows that have to work with Rhino style nocks.  With Firenock F+ style lighted nock 3-pack, a function of the circuits, LED color, and battery to fit one’s specific shooting requirement.  “F+” style is to fit a crossbow arrow with an Internal Diameter of 0.300”.

Based on its polycarbonate namesake but made for extra durability, the Firenock F+ Replacement Nocks take advantage of our patented Square in a Circle Technology for concentricity.  They are made of 7075 Aluminum and anodized with a beautiful red color.  Instead of utilizing the Compression System for a secure fit, a machined open slot allows for circuit installation.

  • To fit most crossbow shafts with a 0.300” ID.
  • Available in one color nock (anodized red).
  • The full lighted nock system weighs 42 grains.
  • Ready for the only target lighted nock system that is IBO & ASA approved: Firenock “T” circuit.
  • Ready for hunting and intermittent lighted nock systems that stay lit / blink for up to 21 days with a BL battery powering a Firenock “H” / “I” red circuit.

Featured with:

  • Choices of circuit function
  • Choices of LED color to form a specific color of the light
  • Choices of battery


  • 3 circuits (Hunting / Target / Intermittent)
  • 3 “F+” style nocks
  • 3 extreme shock end caps with the tool
  • 1 Battery 3-pk BR or BL batteries


  • AG0GEL at $6.00 instead of the normal $10.95