Proudly designed in the state of Illinois, all AeroRests utilize US Patent: 8,875,687. Each are equipped with three supports housing ceramic ball bearings that act as the arrow’s 96 degree contact points. CNC precision processed and built with materials like titanium and aircraft aluminum, we believe AeroRest is one of the lightest and most accurate rests on the market.


  1. Three Fingers : Designed to achieve the smallest contact surface physically possible, the AeroRest boasts virtually no friction while shooting. But how can it execute such a feat? The answer is material science. On a circle or sphere, the plane that touches its curved surface is called a tangent. And that “plane,” at least on a material as exceptionally hard as ceramic, is actually a point. With two or three fingers having one point of contact each, our AeroRest still remains a full containment system.
  2. Ceramic Ball Bearings : Each support is topped with a sphere or ball. With the ball bearings being made of ceramic, one of the hardest materials in the world, the tangents or points of contact are even smaller—the roundness is ensured. Under these first ball bearings in each of these supports is another ceramic ball bearings, making a total of six ball bearings. And under all those ball bearings is a spring, therefore three springs total. With this two ball bearings and spring design, you can fine adjust the suspension system of each support to perfectly match the flex of your arrow, making you shoot faster, straighter and more accurately.
  3. Magic 96-Degree Design : For AeroRests with a cock vane down design, between the two lower fingers, there is exactly 96 degrees of separation. This perfect amount of separation allows the AeroRest to shoot ultra slim, slim and standard arrows—shafts with an OD or outside diameter from 4mm to 12mm—with only three simple setup steps described in the manual.