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Loaded with two independent patent claims and 17 depend patent claims, the AeroCrank is one of if not the most scientifically advanced and engineered units we at Firenock have ever designed and produced.  Truly re-thinking every part of how a crossbow crank should work and has worked, the AeroCrank is in a league of its own—once you buy one, we believe you’ll never want or need to buy another crossbow crank ever again.


  • Utilizes patented dual Anti-Reverse System via friction dogs i.e. silent ratchet
  • Mounting Wedge ready so that the crank can be removed when not in use
  • Rounded body on all sides for general maneuverability
  • Retrieval "cord" i.e. webbing with a break strength of 2,700 lbs
    • Total of four meters (~13ft) of string to manage 106" of webbing
  • Gear ratio of 30:12 or 2.5:1; "M" configuration significantly lowers final ratio
  • Custom sled with patented loop-hook and widgth micro-adjustment design
  • De-cocking plug for dis/engaging anti-dry fire mechanism 


  • 1 x AeroCrank
  • 1 x Standard Wedge Mount
  • 1 x Mounting Hardware Set (pre-installation available)
  • 1 x Standard Handle (Extendable Handle available)


  • AeroCrank cannot be installed on crossbows narrower than the Scorpyd Aculeus, which is about 14" axle to axle when cocked.
  • We highly recommended pre-instatllion at this time as mounting requires precision tools.