AeroBolt II-G (3)

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The Aerobolt II-G (AB2-G, "G" for Gyro) is designed to be the harder hitting version of AeroBolt II-200.  Specifically, a companion product to the Firenock Traumahawk broadhead.  The Traumahawk is a 175 grain, blunt force trauma broadhead, requiring high speeds and high power to tear through game effectively.  AB2-G, like the AB2-200, features AeroConcept System for a variable spine/harmonic dampening but uniquely utilizes our CTI30L for the inner tube as well as a heavier insert.  Therefore, especially when fletched with Aerovane III, the AeroBolt II-G has the highest chance of entering gyro of any Firenock arrow.


  • AeroConcept System equipped for less oscillation and a straighter, flatter flight
    • Always pre-installed with AeroInsert-H (AIH3GS)
  • First dynamic bend indexed for consistent and dependable accuracy
  • Fletched with Aerovane II/III for minimum drag and maximum spin
  • Firenock Lighted Nock System ready for clear and visible flight
  • AeroPoint field point ready for concentricity and great impact


  • Main shaft spine rating is 0.100" based on a 28" spread
  • Main shaft is 9.00 GPI
  • Carbon Inner Tube is 7.1 GPI


  • 3 x AeroBolt II-G


  • Firenock AeroConcept System cannot be removed as it is part of the AB2-G manufacturing process.
  • Firenock Lighted Nock System is available for the AeroBolt II-G in the C, D2, D3, F, J, M, Q, U styles.  For reference, the Firenock "D2" nock with circuit, battery, and Extreme Shock End Cap will add 33 grains to an arrow.  Visit the Firenock AeroComponent Selector to learn more.
  • For vanes configuration other than standard, when choosing vane colors, the opposite vanes (i.e. first and/or fourth) will be the same color as there are only three color choices.
  • For a fully customized build (i.e. not available from the above options), feel free to contact us.
  • AeroBolts customized via vane color/arrow length are not returnable / refundable.  They can only be exchanged if found to be defective.  For reference, standard lengths of Aerobolt II-G are 22" and 26" and standard colors are white/yellow/red.