Firenock is the most advanced lighted nock system on the present market.  Firenock employs both Missile-Arming Technology, which means that they light up once fired, and Surface-Mount Technology (SMT), which means that they do not require any sort of actuator or any pushing and/or twisting to turn on or off (US Patent # 7837580).  Firenock stays lit after hitting hard objects (bone, stone, concrete), if the game is moving vigorously, and even if it is submerged into water for weeks with the Hydro Bow-Fishing Adapter.

    Firenock offers a total of thirteen styles of nocks to fit almost all arrows on the present market, from ultra slim shafts to crossbow bolts.  Firenock offers you a choice of 54 color combinations (9 nock colors x 6 LED colors) and a choice of 3 light functions (Hunting / Intermittent / Target) to match your needs:
  1. Hunting lighted nocks (H): most common light function; perfect for white tail, bear, and any other big game; can stay lit up to 21 days*
  2. Intermittent lighted nocks (I): used for ground blind shooting; perfect for turkey and other small game; can blink for up to 21 days*
  3. Target lighted nocks (T): perfect for practice, target shooting, and bowfishing; automatic turn off after 17 seconds*
    To handle different climates and environments, Firenock also offers three types of batteries (BR / BL / BU) .  YOU make the decisions every step of the way: which lighted nock as well as LED color, light function, and battery type; all to match your hunting / shooting / lighting / temperature requirements.  Please use the Firenock nock style selector below to find YOUR Firenock lighted nock.

Our Missile-Arming Technology
   Firenock LLC brings the reliability of modern electronics to the archery industry with the ultra-mini "G" switch.  Taking advantage of the missile-arming technology that is utilized in missiles and in airbags, Firenock eliminates accidental misfiring from the hunting game.  The working principle of the G switch is simple: within lies a very sensitive sensor that is pre-programmed to only react to a specific change in acceleration (speed). This "specific change in acceleration" is calibrated to match the unique change of G force that occurs during an arrow (or missile) firing, truly eliminating the possibility of accidental misfiring and/or self-arming.

How Does Firenock Work?
    Requiring no less than 65G of energy, Firenock's missile-arming technology works automatically and immediately after your arrow is shot from your bow or crossbow.  From the back of your arrow, a Firenock lighted nock will sense the change in acceleration (speed) and then activate, never requiring any additional actions such as a magnet swipe or a pulling of the head-lock to turn on the LED.

How Reliable is Firenock?
    Integrating ultra-mini "G" switch technology, the latest IC based electronics and SMT (Surface Mount Technology), every Firenock lighted nock system achieves 99.9% reliability.  Even after dropping your arrow or bolt horizontally from as high as 21 feet (7m)* in the air, Firenock will never inadvertently turn on.

Does Firenock Require a Magnet to Activate?
   Unlike other lighted nocks on the market, Firenock lighted nocks do not require a magnet for activation.  Firenock lighted nocks work just like magic; the LED becomes lit only when it is shot, allowing no chance of exposure via accidental activation.  There is no need for any sort of actuator, whether it be a magnet, adapter or sticker.  Engineered with hunters in mind, the dilemma of having to keep track of an actuator during your time in the field is eliminated because all you will need is your bow, your arrows equipped with your high-tech Firenock lighted nocks.

How Do You Turn off Firenock Lighted Nocks?
    The process to switch off (and on) a lit Firenock lighted nock is only two steps.  Solely hold your arrow perpendicular to the semi-hard surface (e.g. floor tile, tree bark, etc.), motionless and then, after about seven seconds, drop the nock end against a semi hard surface (e.g. floor tile, tree bark etc.).  Your lit Firenock lighted nock will turn off every time.

Which Firenock will Fit My (Crossbow) Arrows?
    To find out which style of Firenock lighted nock fits your arrows, please see the navigation bar above:  click "Products" and then "Firenock Selector".  About halfway down the "Firenock Selector" page, you will find a drop-down menu that will begin your Firenock lighted nock selection process.  For more detailed information about any of our other products, please click "Products".  To purchase any products, please visit the Firenock web Store.

  1. The Ultra-mini "G" Switch
      Firenock lighted nocks employ the first ever commercially manufactured ultra-mini "G" switch.  Sizing at only about 2mm in diameter and about 6mm in length, the switch still has a 4-axis tolerance of no less than 1,500G, a feat no other lighted nock applications except for Firenock lighted nocks can claim.  Magically, only an about eight inch vertical drop on the nock can turn the Firenock off (except for the Target model.)  With this unique G switch, the failure rate of our Firenock lighted nocks is nearly zero.
  2. Waterproof
      The circuit boards within Firenock lighted nocks are double-sided with SMT (Surface Mount Technology).  As the name implies, all the electronic components are machine-mounted on both surfaces of the circuit board and then hermetically sealed by a coating of UV (Ultra Violet) cure epoxy to ensure airtightness and watertightness.  According to our experiments, Our SMT and coating technology allows the circuit board to be submerged in water for up to eight hours* with no ill effects.
  3. Durable
      Firenock lighted nocks stay lit, even when the game keeps jumping or your arrow makes contact with solid objects such as bone, wood, or stone.  The toughness of Firenock lighted nocks is accomplished by the specially designed circuit (US Pat., see above: 1. The Ultra-mini Switch).  Once the Firenock is activated, it will stay lit until the circuit is manually deactivated (see above: How Do You Turn off Firenock Lighted Nocks?).  This unique feature significantly increases your probability of game recovery.
  4. Interchangeable Parts
      Most of electronic components of the Firenock lighted nock are protected within our precision molded nock (US Pat.).  This allows the circuit board to be removable.  Thus, whenever the nock is worn out, the circuit board can be detached and reused with another nock of any color, shape, and/or size.  All circuit boards are also now equipped with the EZ coil system which enables you to install and remove the battery even easier than before.
  5. Super Light Weight
      The Firenock lighted nock system includes the nock, circuit board, end cap and battery.  All together, at average, the entire system only adds about 15 grain to your normal hunting arrow, totaling at about half or less of the average weight of other lighted nocks on the market.
  6. Ultra Bright
      With its high intensity focus beam LED that can shine up to 10000 LUX*, your Firenock lighted nock system allows you to see and find your arrow under almost any lighting condition.  Under broad daylight, Firenock will let you see the entire arrow flight up to 120 yards*.  In total darkness, Firenock will let you see the flight for over a mile.
  7. Long-lasting
      With a fresh BR battery, the Firenock lighted nock system can stay lit or blink* continuously for 21 days straight.
  8. Extreme Shock End Cap
      To ensure that the entire system is protected, all styles of Firenock lighted nocks now come with the extreme shock end cap system.  Super-glued to the inside of your arrow shaft, the extreme shock end cap cradles your Firenock lighted nock system from behind after each impact to avoid failure, even after 300 fps from collision with hard objects such as stone, bone and even concrete.  * Note: Continuously shooting Firenock into hard objects is not recommended.)
  9. Designed in Illinois USA and US Patented
      Firenock lighted nock is proudly designed by Firenock LLC in Illinois USA and is US patented (US Patent # 7,837,580).  All major components of Firenock lighted nocks are made in USA.

        With the above features, we truly believe that our Firenock lighted nock system offers the most advanced nock available on the present market.  Compact, waterproof, durable, versatile, light, bright, and dependable, when seeing the shot is everything, how can you afford not to have Firenock lighted nocks?

     * Actual value may vary with LED color, battery's chemistry/age, and temperature.