Traumahawk (Blunt Force Trauma Broadhead)

    Traumahawk™ is the first Blunt-Force-Trauma based broadhead available on the present market.  Traumahawk is not meant to pass through the animal, but is designed to transfer maximum kinetic energy and to knock down the game instantly. This unique broadhead works just like a North American Indian’s lethal weapon, the “Traumahawk” with a twist and thus it is named as Traumahawk.
    Traumahawk weighs 175 grain and is made of solid Stainless steel.   Traumahawk is extremely hard, not only because it is made of stainless.   Traumahawk is a high pressure pressed piece of stainless which this process gave Traumahawk molecular directional strength.   As a result of the casting method, Traumahawk is much stronger and stiffer than machined or MIM (Metal Injection Molding process) piece of typical bar stock.
    Besides strength and stiffness, Traumahawk is equipped with 40 degree single beveled edges on both sides to maximize self-propel effect and to maximize spinning speed.  Furthermore, the majority of Traumahawk weight is situated on the outer edge of the broadhead, so when it is spinning at high speed, Traumahawk with Aerovane III will further enhance the Gyro effect of Aerobolt.
    To ensure concentricity when you are installing Traumahawk on your crossbow bolt, Traumahawk is equipped with our US Patented Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology (FACT™ , US Patent # 8337341)which the Double O-ring System on the neck of Traumahawk will give you near to perfect concentricity once assembled.

Traumahawk Broadhead 3-pack

AeroBolt II-G [Gyro]- The Companion Bolt for Traumahawk
    Traumahawk is designed to fit and function perfectly on Aerobolt II-G as Aerobolt II-G is designed to carry maximum frontal focus mass in order to deliver maximum punch power and to knock down the big game animal instantly.  With Traumahawk on Aerobolt II-G, frontal focus mass will be further increased and of course punch power will be increased.  You will be amazed how flat / straight, how stable, how accurate, how far, how powerful of Aerobolt II-G with Traumahawk can be once you shot it.

Features of AeroBolt II-G:

  • Spin over 2500 rpm with virtually no drag effect
  • Large Frontal focus mass (over 200 grain)
  • Super straightness (0.006" or better)
  • Self Concentric AeroPoint (9mm 175 grain) as standard / Traumahawk as an option
  • AeroConcept System (40+ million modular carbon) for strong reinforced front end, straight and oscillating free flight
  • Durable high modular carbon outer shaft (33 million modular carbon)
  • Aerovane III as standard for quiet, light weight and no drag Aerodynamic high speed spin
  • Initial first bend Indexed to achieve repeatable accuracy shot after shot
  • Weight variation between bolts is within 3 grain to achieve repeatable accuracy

  • AeroBolt II-G 3-pack

    Crossbows that can shoot AeroBolt II-G with Traumahawk
        The below listed crossbows are considered to be able to shoot AeroBolt II-G with Traumahawk as they can accept 550 grain arrow, can shoot arrow at no less than 130lbF / 327 fps and according to their KE output specification (*Bows that do not have absolute KE output specification provided).

    • - Any Scorpyd bow that has no less than 130lb pull load
    • - Barnett Ghost 400*, Ghost 410, Ghost 415
    • - Barnett Vengeance*, Vengence 2*
    • - Darton Toxin 180
    • - PSE Tac 15 series crossbow which includes Tac, Tac15i, Tac Elite, Tac Ordnance
    • - PSE RDX™ 400*