Firenock Show & Dealer Class Schedule

Firenock 2017 Sport Show & Dealer/Enthusiast Class Schedule
    Starting on the first of January 2015, Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast classes are now being offered to any dealer and/or archery enthusiast who would like to have an in-depth understanding of the science and reasoning behind Firenock products and/or how to sell/use Firenock products effectively.  The class will usually be held on Mondays and in cities/states listed in the table below.  All participants must register and pay at least three business day in advance of their first Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast class to ensure number of materials and confirm reservation space.
    The cost of the class is $170.00 per person.  After completion of the class, each participant will get a certificate immediately or by mail stating that he/she has completed the class as well as a complimentary $150.00 Firenock gift certificate.  Please check your schedule before signing up for the class.  The registration fee is non-refundable and once registered, rescheduling cannot be done without the consent of the Firenock office.  The completion certificate and $150 gift certificate will not be provided to any participant who did not attend and finish the class.

Class sign up [ FORM ] in down-loadable and printable pdf format.

The class consists of four segments with an optional fifth segment:
    1. Nocks   A general overview of the different Firenock styles and the utilization of them on the arrow shafts available on the market today.
    2. Aerovanes   The technical guide behind their design, tools, application, and installation.
    3. Aero Components   Insert, Outsert, Bushing, Points.
    4. The Aero Concept System   A clarification of the advance theories and approaches used in the building of a superior archery projectile.
    5. A step-by-step, putting it all together type discussion on how to build the best archery projectile using Firenockā„¢ products and tools: Aerovane Jig, APS, PAPS, etc.
    Each segment above lasts 60 minutes: 50 minutes of lecture followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. The class will start at 10:00AM and will end at approximately 3:00 - 4:00PM.  Lunch may or may not be provided, but is scheduled for 12:00 - 1:00 PM.  As aforementioned, the table below lists the Firenock sport show locations and where classes will be held.  If you are interested in taking our Dealer/Enthusiast class, please fill out the form above.

* Apart from these scheduled classes, Firenock will open new classes if enough participants are requesting them.

Start On End On Event Location
Tuesday 01/10/2017   Thursday 01/12/2017     ATA (#1743)  Indianapoois, IN
Saturday 02/04/2017   Sunday 02/12/2017     Great American Sport Show (#925)   Harrisburg, PA
Monday 02/13/2017   Monday 02/13/2017     Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class   Harrisburg, PA
Friday 03/17/2017   Sunday 03/19/2017     Ohio Deer and Turkey Classic (#)   Columbus, OH
Monday 03/20/2017   Monday 03/20/2017     Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class   Columbus, OH
Friday 03/31/2017   Sunday 04/02/2017     Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Classic (#)   Madison, WI
Monday 04/03/2017   Monday 04/03/2017     Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class   Henry, IL
Friday 06/16/2017   Sunday 06/18/2017     IBO 2nd Leg National Championship Triple Crown   Bloomington IN
Saturday 09/16/2017   Saturday 09/16/2017     Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class   Henry, IL
Thursday 01/11/2018   Sunday 01/13/2018     ATA (#4018)   Indianapolis, IN
Saturday 02/03/2018   Sunday 02/11/2018 1   Great American Sport Show (#1123)   Harrisburg, PA