Firenock:Patents and IP (Intellectual Properties)
Firenock's Patents and Licenses
  1. 7,837,580   Lighted nock for archery arrow
        Products: Firenock Lighted Nock Systems

  2. 8,105,189   Arrow vane apparatus and method
        Products: Aerovane I, Aerovane II, Aerovane III

  3. 8,337,341   Arrow tip
        Product: AeroPoint
        License to RamCat, Hartcraft

  4. 8,337,342   Hybrid arrow insert
        Products: AeroInsert-D, AeroInsert-H, AeroBolt

  5. 8,353,455   Electronic device adapted for use as a shooting sight
        Product: iBowSight
        License to Intellisight

  6. 8,403,777   Arrow insert with an undercut head
        Product: AeroInsert-, AeroInsert-H

  7. 8,608,531   Arrow preparation system
       7,013,772   Method and apparatus for arrow shaft tuning
        Product : APS (Arrow Preparation System)

  8. D717389   Stubby full containment nock for cross bow systems
        Product: J Style nock

  9. 8,668,605   Arrow outsert
        Product: AeroOutsert

  10. 8,875,687   Tangent point arrow rest
        Product: AeroRest

  11. 8,951,152   Nock bushing, square end in a round hole
        Product: AeroBushing

  12. 8,967,133   Two axis micro-adjusting device with a single locking mechanism
        Product: AeroRest Micro-adjust

  13. 9,046,452   Device and method for locating a first natural bend of an arrow shaft
        Product: PAPS (Professional Arrow Preparation System)

  14. 9,097,486   Archery Bow Cam String Stop
        Product: Titanium Fastener Kit

  15. 9,115,953   Tubular axle for Archery bow cam
        Product: To be advised

  16. 9,212,875   Nock Bushing umbrella protection system
        Product: AeroBushing

  17. 9,303,962   Expanding Broadhead
        Product: To be released soon

  18. 9,395,166   Arrow shaft with Double Wall
        Product: AeroConcept Systems

  19. 9,441,927   Field Points for Double Walled Arrow Shaft
        Product: AeroConcept Point

Patent Pending
  • Dual opposite rotating Gyro stabilizer
        Product: AeroGyro Stabilization System

  • Multi Element Drag based String Serving Jig
        Product: AeroString Server

  • Hollow fasteners for archery equipment
        Product: Titanium Upgrade Kits for Bows

  • Dampeners to be used on Hollow fasteners for archery equipment
        Product: Titanium Upgrade Kits for Bows

  • Undisclosed 3
        Product: undisclosed 3

  • Undisclosed 4
        Product: undisclosed 4

  • Undisclosed 5
        Product: undisclosed 5

  • Undisclosed 6
        Product: undisclosed 6

  • Undisclosed 7
        Product: undisclosed 7

  • Undisclosed 8
        Product: undisclosed 8

  • Undisclosed 9
        Product: undisclosed 9