Firenock:Professional Arrow Preparation System

Professional Arrow Preparation System(PAPS) - Your ultimate arrow preparation tool

    Firenock PAPS is proudly designed in Illinois USA and is US Patented (# 9046452). PAPS is not an ordinal arrow preparation tool, it is your arrow spine index locater (spine index = initial bending direction) and you can accurately measure your arrow deflection value (with optional digital gauge).  With PAPS, you can easily do all these complicated, but important arrow preparation procedures without subjective judgment and they can be done within seconds.

Why locating the arrow spine index is important?
    The answer is if you can locate the spine index of your arrow, you can use it as the point for your cock feather fletching and you will know how your arrow flexes while launch.  In this way, your shooting accuracy will be enhanced and you will be confident that your arrows will fly and behave the same every time you shoot it as long as your set up is correct.

Besides locating arrow spine, PAPS can do more with optional accessory:

  1. Vibration Module to locate arrow spine index easily especially for high spine arrow
  2. Digital Gauge Module to accurately measure spine deflection value
  3. Laser Module to accurately mark your cock feather fletching
With PAPS, you can know more about your arrow behavior and how to make your arrow do what you want them to do.

Why you need PAPS?
    During the development of high performance arrow, Firenock learned that arrow shafts need to be spine indexed, spine measured, spine matched, chamfered (a procedure to perfectly mate AeroInsert Reversed Collar End with shaft), squared, cut and marked, etc.  Without these arrow preparation procedures, shafts will not be good enough to install insert, nock, or vane.  In other words, without the above mentioned arrow preparation procedures, it is technically impossible to build ultra high precision, high performance arrow and to achieve repeatable accurate archery projectiles.  In order to make all these arrow preparation procedures easy and to have them done quickly and perfectly, Firenock introduced APS (Arrow Preparation System) in 2011 to do perfect squaring and concentricity check. But APS cannot tell you the spine index of your arrow and so Firenock built PAPS.  PAPS can help you to find the arrow spine index within seconds.  Once you locate your arrow spine index, you will know how your arrow flexes during flight and you can use the spine index for your cock feather fletching.  In this way, your bundle of arrows will perform the same even without further tuning your bow.

PAPS is composed of 3 major parts: the Roller, the Tower, and the Track

  1. Arrow Support Rollers (with Custom Crowned ball bearings)

        On the present market, most spine locater tools are using off-the-shelf ball bearings to support and rotate the shaft, however off-the-shelf ball bearing has a straight edge, a fixed outer diameter, and a fixed inner diameter (the hole) which these characteristics resulted in two fundamental problems:
    1. As the contact surface of off-the-shelf ball bearings with the shaft is flat, when you roll and bend your shaft trying to find the spine of your arrow, your shaft actually is resting on the edge of the ball bearings and thus the shaft as well as the center of the ball bearings are under uneven pressure.  This uneven pressure makes locating your arrow spine difficult and inaccurate.  Worst comes to worst, the ball bearings can even stop when you apply pressure on your shaft.
    2. The typical hole in the middle of off-the-shelf ball bearings means it is required a screw to mount, thus obviously there will be play between the ball bearings and the screw.

        PAPS roller is fitted with custom crowned ball bearings to eliminate uneven pressure and to eliminate play.  PAPS crowned ball bearing has a crown outer edge and is pre-built with a ready to mount stud center system.  With the crowned outer ball bearings, your shaft can ride on the ball bearings smoothly and perpendicular to the center of the custom ball bearings all the time even if you press and bend your shaft strongly.  Meanwhile, the pre-built stud system eliminates the play between the ball bearings and screw.
        PAPS comes with 2 rollers which each roller is equipped with 2 custom crowned ball bearings.  This design and specification was never seen in other spine finding tools as most spine finding tools have 4 hooks only. With custom crowned ball bearings, you can feel how smooth and how sensitive PAPS can achieve while you are locating the spine of your arrow.

  2. The Tower (The spine locater)

        The big piece in the middle of PAPS is the tower, also called the arrow initial bending direction locater.  The tower is fitted with 2 custom crowned ball bearings in order to provide perfect perpendicular contact between the tower and the shaft.  With this design, you can apply absolute pressure to the center of the shaft being tested.  This also minimizes the horizontal pressure that may occur when pressure is applied onto the shaft while measuring spine deflection value.

  3. The Track
       The PAPS track is 36 inches long, double track system and machined in a triple box design.  The track is proudly made in the USA.  It is extremely durable as it is made of 7000 series Aluminum and finished with type 2 level 3 hard anodizing.  To ensure stability even with this length, the bottom of the track has six 3M ultra stable stoppers so there is no worry about stability of the PAPS.  Both sides of the track are equipped with an easy to read measure tape.  On one side of the track, full length measurement (0-36" / 0-914mm) is provided while on the other side it is center to the ends measurement (18"-0-18" / 457mm-0-457mm).  With 2 different measuring tapes, you can easily measure the length of the shaft and locate the middle point of the shaft.  To ensure your PAPS and bench is indeed level, a 7mm cylinder water level can be fitted right in the middle of the track to ensure your setting is square and plumb.

Optional accessory for PAPS

  1. Vibration Module for easy locating your arrow spine index especially for high spine arrow
  2. Digital Gauge for accurate measurement of spine deflection value
  3. PAPS Laser Module to facilitate marking of cock feather position easily and accurately
  1. Vibration Module

        Vibration Module allows you to find your arrow initial bending direction / spine index easily.  In the past, experienced archers use their hands to rotate the shaft on a jig to feel the lowest resistance point of the shaft.  Now with the Vibration Module, there is virtually no subjective judgment to locate the highest and weakest spine of the shaft.  This accessory will significantly improve your accuracy to locate your arrow spine index.
        The working principle of the Vibration Module is simple.  The Vibration Module will send a wave of energy into the shaft.  With the help of the wave, it makes the arrow spine index us to feel while you are rolling the shaft with your fingers on PAPS.
        The Vibration Module is a high tech and high precision piece of equipment.  Its case is CNC machined from a piece of brass alloy.  Inside it, it is equipped with a digital component to control operation time (approx. 17 seconds) and frequency of vibration.  To start the Vibration Module, you just need to press the red button and a short burst of wave energy will be sent into the system.  With the help of the wave, your fingers can easily locate the highest spine (usually at the bottom) / the lowest spine (usually on the top) while you are rolling your arrow shaft on PAPS.  With Vibration Module, you can locate your arrow spine index within seconds and you will be confident that all your arrows are indexed identically without subjective judgment.
  2. PAPSVM (PAPS Vibration Module)
  3. The Digital Gauge Module:

        Digital Gauge Module gives you accurate and reliable spine deflection value of your arrows.  The Digital Gauge Module consists of 4 components:
    1. Main Mounting Arm - It is CNC machined Aluminum to mount the Digital Gauge straightly onto the tower.
    2. Zero Reference support - It is equipped with custom crowned ball bearings.  Its function is to ensure the shaft is laid perfectly straight on PAPS (i.e. zero deflection), so you can zero your Digital Gauge before taking measurement.
    3. Brass weight - The brass weight is accurately machined to provide constant pressure on your shaft, thus you can measure your arrow deflection value easily and reliably.  When the brass weight is acting in the middle of a shaft on PAPS, it resembles a weight of 1.94lbs (880g) suspended from the center of a 28 inch (0.71m) arrow shaft.  This method follows the Standard Test Method for Measurement of Arrow Shaft Static Spine (Stiffness) / the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F2031-05.
    4. Digital meter - It is equipped with a large easy to read LCD display and the reading can be "hold / memory / zero". Reading unit can be in inch (0.0005”) / metric (0.1mm) / fraction (1/64”). The 40mm plunger is made of GR5 Titanium for accurate measurement. The meter is powered by long lasting common 3V CR2032 batteries and it will auto shut off after 5 minutes of inactive operation.
  4. PAPSDG (PAPS Digital Gauge)
  5. PAPS Laser Module

        PAPS Laser Module shines a straight, precise, thin laser line on your arrow, so it becomes easy to mark your arrow spine index once it is located.  The laser module is powered by 3 common replaceable AAA batteries.  You can also use the Laser Module on Aerovane Jig (without the PAPS laser module support block).

  6. PAPSLM (PAPS Aerovane Jig laser Mount)