Firenock offers 3 specially formulated and bottled adhesive, AG0600, AG0GEL and AGUSSE for today's archers to fletch vanes and build arrows with excellent result.

  • AG0600 is best for fletching Aerovanes or other vanes and AG0600 will cure within 9 seconds and allow you to shoot around 12 seconds with the use Firenock Aerovane Jig and Aerovane Stainless Straight Clamp at room temperature.
  • AG0GEL is best for installing Firenock Extreme Shock End Caps, re-fletching Aerovanes or other vanes as well as fletching offset configuration as AG0GEL can fill gaps and will provide you more work time.
  • AGUSSE is best for building Firenock AeroConcept arrows, gluing AeroInsert / AeroOutsert / Carbon Inner Tube / AeroConcept System as well as gluing other outserts, halfouts and carbon internal tubings. AGUSSE will set in 90 minutes and will cure around 24 hours at room temperature.
Below video provides details about Firenock adhesives and their applications.

Aerovane Fletching Glue AG0600 with Luer-Lock precision Stainless Tip

    To perfectly fletch Aerovanes, Firenock specially formulated AG0600 fletching glue. This cyanoacrylate (CA) glue will set in 9 seconds and is ready to shoot in 12 seconds with the help of the high power magnet of Aerovane Jig and Aerovane Stainless Straight Clamp at room temperature.  The glue comes in a bottle of ~20 gram which should be enough to fletch approximately 50 dozen arrows.
    AG0600 comes standard with industrial grade high precision Luer-Lock System.  The Luer-Lock System allows you to dispense glue precisely and accurately.  The AG0600 bottle is custom built for ease of holding and squeezing and the applicator (22 gauge stainless tip) is removable and replaceable.  Extra Luer-Lock stainless tips can be purchased separately in a 12 pack for US$9.95 at authorized Firenock dealer or at  Furthermore, AG0600 is 100% dissolvable in acetone which makes clean up easy (Acetone is readily available in places like the Wal-Mart cosmetic section, under a dollar for a small bottle).

AG0600 is a CA instant super glue, but unlike other CA glues, AG0600 has no stabilizer so its shelf life is 1 year from the date of manufacture.  The date of expiration is clearly stated on the package, so you know how fresh your glue is.  DO NOT use acetone to clean the Luer-Lock tip as acetone is an active debonder for the glue.  A tiny amount of acetone will contaminate the glue and make the entire bottle of glue useless.

Procedure to fletch Aerovane using AG0600
  1. Material required:
    • Aerovane
    • Arrow shaft
    • Aerovane jig (recommended)
    • Firenock Aerovane glue AG0600
    • 2 bottles of 100% pure Acetone (one large, one small)
    • Q-tips that do not have plastic or synthetic material in it and paper towels.
  2. Thoroughly clean the surface of the shaft by dipping the shaft into the large bottle of 100% pure acetone.
  3. Swirl the shaft inside the large acetone bottle a few times to loosen all particles and dissolve all possible contaminates on the shaft.
  4. Wipe dry with a clean paper towel.
  5. Air dry to prepare shaft surface for fletching.
  6. Insert the Aerovane in Aerovane Clamp.
  7. Dip one end of the Q-Tip into the small bottle of acetone and wipe down the base of Aerovane from one end to the other.
  8. Take the dry end of Q-Tip and wipe dry Aerovane in the same direction as above.
  9. Apply glue down the length of the vane base.
  10. Place the back end of the clamp against the inner wall of Aerovane jig just above the arrow.
  11. Slowly lower the clamp until the magnets grab hold of the clamp.
  12. Firmly push the clamp all the way to the arrow, and wait the allotted time depending on the type of glue you are using. (Firenock Aerovane Glue AG0600 setting time is ~9 seconds under Aerovane Jig pressure without use of any primer at room temperature).
  13. Open the clamp to free the vane form the clamp and rotate the vane away from the clamp while the clamp is still on the magnet.
  14. With the vane away, slide the clamp away from the jig and away from the magnet at no less than a 45 degree angle from the magnet.
  15. Repeat steps 6 - 14 for the next vane.

AG0600 glue for fletching
AG0600 Stainless applicator tip 12-pack

Firenock AG0GEL Glue for Extreme Shock End Cap / Re-fletching with Luer-Lock precision Plastic Tip
    AG0GEL is a single component cyanoacrylate instant super GEL glue. AG0GEL bonds most surfaces with gaps up to 0.2 mm in seconds.  AG0GEL contains no stabilizer to extend its shelf life and has low viscosity (10,000 cP) to allow it to apply in tricky places that require the glue not to flow (e.g. offset configuration, refletching as surface is not perfectly flat).  Additionally, AG0GEL requires no mixing or heating and can be used on a wide variety of materials.  Each package comes with three 24-gauge plastic Lure-Lock applicator tips.  The Luer-Lock tip is meant for one time use, so please use a new tip every time for best results.  The Luer-Lock tip can be purchased separately in a 12-pack for US$9.95 at authorized Firenock dealer or at

  • AG0GEL should be stored at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.
  • AG0GEL should be stored in the original container.
  • Check and lock the Luer-Lock tip on syringe before use.
  • As AG0GEL contains no stabilizer, AG0GEL shelf life is around 12 months starting from the manufacture date.
  • Expiration date is clearly stated on the package, so you know how fresh the glue is.
  • DO NOT use acetone to clean the Luer-Lock tip as acetone can debond AG0GEL.  A small amount of acetone will contaminate and ruin the glue.
AG0GEL gel glue for end cap / re-fletching
AG0GEL Plastic applicator tip 12-pack

Aerovane Ultra Slow Set Epoxy Glue AGUSSE
    AGUSSE is a 2 part epoxy which has special properties.  It can fill gaps up to 1mm and has the property to flex even when cured.  Thus AGUSSE is used to build Firenock Aerobolt / AeroConcept arrow and to glue AeroInsert and Carbon Inner Tube to form AeroConcept System.   AGUSSE has a long work time (~90 minutes to set at room temperature), so you will have enough time to build your arrows.  AGUSSE is 100% acetone dissolved, so you can clean and remove glue residue on the arrow easily.

  • AGUSSE should be stored at room temperature and kept out of direct sunlight.
  • AGUSSE should be kept closed and stored in the original container before and after use.
  • AGUSSE work time on Aluminum foil is 90 minutes at room temperature.
  • AGUSSE recommended cure temperature is 23°C (75°F) or higher but not exceed 140° F.
  • AGUSSE adhesive residue on arrows can be removed by wiping it with 100% pure acetone before set.
  • Date printed on the package is the best before date.
  • When stored in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations, shelf life is ~12 months from the date of manufacture.
  • A well ventilated working environment is recommended when using Aerovane AGUSSE.

AGUSSE Ultra slow set epoxy