Firenock:AeroBowString Serving Jig
Why Firenock built AeroBow String Serving Jig (ABSSJ)?

    Firenock, as a premium nock company, has always felt like a tire company.  To fit every customer's needs, we must create "tires", or products, to fit their "rims" of unknown shapes and sizes.  Over the years, many of our customers have told us that our nock to string fit is not ideal.  This lead us to delve deeper and to do some research.  As a result of our research, we decided that there is nothing wrong with our nocks, but with the string itself.  Issues like inconsistency after spool change or server changes due to color preferences were also discovered.  Further and more specifically, we concluded that the true problem lied in the fact that, today, there is a lack of a string standard due to the lack of one tool that can handle a high volume, high demand, and high tension string building process (involving the need to constantly hold pressure up to 5 KgF for an extended period of time), therefore we designed and built one ourselves.

Key Features of ABSSJ (AeroBow String Serving Jig)
  1. Detachable spool shaft with drag system for easy spool replacement and retaining drag pressure setting
  2. Compatible with most current serving thread spools and market available spools (e.g. Specialty Archery)
  3. Spool is supported by two ball bearings (i.e. shaft-less support) for smooth and direct drag operation
  4. Hollowed titanium rollers for strength and light weight
  5. Flanged ball bearings-supported rollers for ultimate smoothness, minimum tolerance and ultimate control
  6. 7075 Aluminum main body secured by two GR5 Titanium shoulder screws for rigidity and perfect alignment
  7. Both spool lock and drag lock knobs are dual O-ring fitted to allow stable operation and fine adjustment
  8. Body with rounded corners to prevent thread damage, especially while nicking the thread at high pressure
  9. String lock to prevent string jumping out even without tension (v1.2 only)
  10. Spool holders with handles for easy spool installation and drag adjustment with or without the jig body (v1.2 only)

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AeroBow String Serving Jig
ABSSJ Spare Spool Shaft with Drag System
ABSSJ Spare Spool

Introduction of ABSSJ v1.0 Video

New features of ABSSJ v1.2 Video

    The 9 Element Drag System

        ABSSJ utilizes a true drag system for tension control.  Just like most ultra high performance fishing reels, it has a nine-element drag system which consists of five graphite-weaved drag washers and four titanium drag washers.  This drag design allows the serving tension to be set up to 400% higher than what most other string serving jigs can do today.  The drag system is pre-lubed with Teflon/PTFE drag grease, and it is also ready to be oil filled as the drag knob is fitted with dual O-rings.  The drag system can be used with a computer-controlled, brush-less motor-serving machine (~ 1,600 RPM) without pressure fading or component failure for professional string building environment.

    Selected Light and Strong Key Components
        After ABSSJ was being tested by commercial string builders, we learnt that customers would want a jig with size, but not heft and a jig that can last (since it would use for thread production.)  That is why the ABSSJ is built to be light weight and with strong components such as:

    1. Main shaft is made of Titanium
    2. Main-body, drag cup, spool lock, and spool knobs are made of 7075-T5 Aluminum and anodized
    3. All 3 thread rollers are hollow and made of Titanium
    4. Spool catch is made of stainless
    5. Main body shoulder screws are made of GR5 Titanium

    Balanced Design
        From comments from our testers, the drag knobs are now large in size in order to allow easy control during operation.  This design also gives string builder a better grip to swing the jig easily.

    Optional Accessories
        Spare spool shaft with drag system- The spare spool shaft with drag system is available separately as add on option for those who would like to quickly swap the entire spool/drag unit without changing the spool in order to retain preset pressure.

        Spare spool- Spare spool is available separately as an add-on accessory for those who need multiple spools for different threads/setups.