Firenock:Arrow Preparation System (APS)

APS (Arrow Preparation System)
    APS is built to resolve imperfections and shortcomings of arrow preparation tools available on the present market.  In the past to prepare an arrow for assembly, you usually use an arrow squaring tool to square the arrow front end, then another tool to square the fletched arrow back end, then a spinner to check its concentricity.  With APS, a single piece of tool, you can assemble arrows easily and accurately as APS is a 4 in 1 tool (arrow squaring tool, insert squaring tool, arrow spin checker, and concentricity checker).  APS is designed and engineered with hunters’ mind.  Once you try APS, you will discover how essential a tool it is for precision arrow building.

Features of APS
    4 in 1 Tools - APS is an arrow squaring tool for arrow with or without fletching.  APS is also a squaring tool for insert.  With the removal of Grinding block, APS is arrow spin checker and also an outsert checker.

    Crowned ball bearing - APS roller is equipped with crowned ball bearing which this unique ball bearing is initially used on PAPS (Professional Arrow Preparation System).  This crowned ball bearings provide large surface to support the arrow and to allow smooth operation even under high pressure.  The large size crowned ball bearing also eliminate lateral movement of arrow especially while doing squaring.  The crowned ball bearings is sealed for durability and it is pre-fitted with mounting screws to give more rigid support and to eliminate play.

    Adjustable Roller Track Base System - APS is a unique track base system with 2 rollers (3 supports as an option).  Roller position can be moved left or right to the desired position and then lock, thus APS can square fletched arrows.

    Never Wear Grinding Surface – APS grinding block is different from other arrow preparation tool which APS grinding block does not have pre built grinding.  You just stick common 3M adhesive back sand paper (3-2/3” X 7-1/2” sheet is commonly available for less than US$3.00 in hardware store) on the APS grinding block and it is done.  If the sand paper worn out, just replace it and you have a fresh grinding surface again.  APS grinding block is made from a solid piece of Aluminum and then hard anodized for durability, so there is no worry about the straightness of the block even after sticking and removing sand paper from the block repeatedly.


  1. For those who prefer a table/bench mounting system, APS has a center line indicator on the track base so you can drill and mount APS on your work bench.
  2. 150 grid or higher adhesive back sand paper is recommended for squaring carbon while 220 grid is recommended for inserts as well as Aluminum/carbon mix shafts/arrows.  For squaring Aluminum shaft, it is recommended to change the sand paper frequently due to the filling characteristics of Aluminum when grinding.

APS 4 basic capabilities/functions for arrow building and tuning

  1. Spin checking your arrow concentricity at different stages of arrow building
  2. Squaring Arrow Insert Ends before and after gluing a typical insert
  3. Squaring Fletched Arrow End before nock installation
  4. Force Spin an Outsert to ensure concentricity

US Patent # 8,608,531 and Licensed under US Patent #7,013,772