02/13/2017 Videos of Firenock Dealer/Enthusiast Class
    Firenock class videos 1 to 4 held at Grantsville PA right after 2017 Great American Outdoor Show.

01/14/2017 New products and updates in Firenock Product line for 2017
  1. AeroOutsert AOA602
        The AOA602 is the new addition to AeroOutsert line. Now, there are 14 sizes of AeroOutsert to fit almost all 0.165"-0.1665" ID hunting arrows on the market.
  2. Aerovane Jig chuck update
        Two new chucks are added: Nock chuck and 0.315" ID chuck.  Adjustable chuck is now equipped with a flanged ball bearing at the base of the knob for more precise vertical control.
  3. AeroRest
        All standard AeroRest is now packaged with a longer side bar.
  4. Aerovane 3 new color
        Aerovane 3 has added two new colors: violet (purple) and mint (bright green).
  5. Firenock C
        C nock, a stubby full containment nock (US Design Patented), is made to clip on 0.125" serving (i.e. Bowtech crossbows).
  6. Dagger Broadhead
        Employing technology from Traumahawk, a vertical bow version of Traumahawk, Dagger, is developed and it will be available in two materials; stainless (125 grains) and the GR5 titanium (about 70 grains).
  7. AeroBowString Serving Jig
        The world first 9 drag element bow string serving jig which allow up to 400% higher pressure without fading or breaking of serving threads is here, AeroBowString Serving Jig.  It has been tested in professional string building environment for the last 4 months and was proven that it can handle up to 1600 RPM string servers.  It is strong and durable which its main components are made of materials such as 7075-T5 aluminum, GR5 titanium, and 303 stainless.  All rollers are supported by ball bearings and it has a total of 10 bearings (6 flanged ball bearings, 2 ball bearings, and 2 thrust bearings).  Our patent pending quick center shaft change system allows user to remove spool and drag system together so spool tension can be retained even after spool change!
  8. AeroConcept Point
        AeroConcept Points (ACP) was officially awarded US patent 9,441,927.  Our first ACP -- AC509S -- is a glue in point which it has a unique hollow structure for strength and lightness.  In other words, ACP is a fusion of AeroPoint and AeroInsert as ACP can mate directly with the AeroConcept Carbon Inner Tube to form an alternate AeroConcept System (AC509S will fit most 23/64" OD shafts, its total weight with a 6 inch Carbon Inner Tube (CTI310) is only 80 grains).
  9. AeroConcept light version
        After a full year release of 0.202" ID AeroConcept system, we now added a light version of 0.202" AeroConcept System due to popularity of 0.202" shafts and people demand for lighter weight.  Thus light version AIH2LA, AIH2LS, AIH2lT and CTI20L have been added vs the original heavy duty version AIA20A, AIH20S, AIH20T and CTI200.
  10. AeroPoint 8 mm in 45, 55 and 65 grains
        With the expansion of the AeroConcept System for vertical bows, we now offer AeroPoint 8mm in 45, 55, 65 grains, besides 85, 100, 125 and 175 grains.

1/5/2017 Firenock Catalog 2017 is Ready
    Firenock 2017 is here and ready to be downloaded in PDF, please click the below catalog cover to start downloading.  Hard copy should be available at ATA show.  See you at ATA!

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