11/28/2017 Firenock Destroyer™ series of AeroInsert-H and 6mm AeroPoint
    Many have asked if we could make a more durable, more serious penetrating point and insert system for the 3D Hunter Class.  The Firenock Destroyer Series AeroPoints and AeroPoints are our response.  They are designed for the most popular 23/64" OD shaft / 0.315" ID (i.e. Black Eagle PS23, Challenger, Carbon-Express CXL, Element Rock, Easton Fatboy, etc.,except the Easton SuperDrive 23 and Gold Tip 9.3 as they have 0.320" ID]).
    The multi-patented Destroyer AeroInserts are not only equipped with our unique forward 30 degree angle which giving them the most penetration power meanwhile without sacrificing the punch, but they are also compatible with the AeroConcept systems.  The CTI 310 (Carbon Tube Inner for 0.310"ID) could be added to the Firenock Destroyer AeroInsert for harmonic cancellation, oscillation reduction, and stronger front end.  These new inserts are available in GR5 titanium and 303 stainless steel and in 45, 55 , 65 and 75 grain.  Unlike before, Firenock Destroyer AeroPoint with reverse tapering technology is so slim as it only has 6mm in OD (i.e. a 60% reduction in size compared to a 23/64").  Try them youself and see how powerful Firenock Destroyer is!   MSRP:
  • 12 Destroyer AeroInserts in GR5 titanium $69.95
  • 12 Destroyer AeroInsert in stainless steel $39.95
  • 6 Destroyer AeroPoints $19.95
  • 12 CTI310 $19.95

  • 11/04/2017 Copper Crush Spacer pack for 9mm field-point and most broad heads
        We notice that many field points / broad-heads on the market are not exactly the same weight as they claimed.  Some 100 grain could be 96 grain, and some could 8 grain heavier than advertised.  We also noticed that some inserts are not deep enough to accommodate the field point / broad-head.  Moreover, we found out that there could be a small gap between the field point / broad-head and the insert even after you have tightened them.  To address the above issues, Firenock is now offering Copper Crush spacer in four thickness at four weight. Their MSRP is US$5.95 for a pack of 12.
    1. CU1040 spacer is 1.0 mm thick and 4.0-4.5 grain in weight
    2. CU1350 spacer is 1.3 mm thick and 5.0-5.5 grain in weight
    3. CU1350 spacer is 1.5 mm thick and 6.7-7.2 grain in weight
    4. CU1350 spacer is 1.8 mm thick and 7.7-8.2 grain in weight

    5. 11/04/2017 Aerovane II offer in 2 more colors
          Firenock Aerovane III has two more colors (mint, and violet) besides the standard ten colors (black, blue, clear, green, lime, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow) than Aerovane II.  Due to popular request, we have decided to add the same 2 colors to Aerovane II.  Like other Aerovanes, they are offered in 18 and 100 pack; which retail for $10.95 and $50 respectively.

      11/04/2017 "U" style Firenock complete
          Firenock "U" nock now has more colors and its associated accessory packs and lighted nock packs are now available on our web store.  FYI, "U" style nock is specially made to fit 0.135" serving size and crossbow arrows with 0.300" ID.  Besides hot selling red, we offer U nock in clear and green.  To unleash the benefits of U nock, Extrem